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Become a MDF Future "Ladies of Influence"

Who Should Apply?

Young ladies between the ages of 9 thru 15 that are without a positive mother figure in their lives are encouraged to apply.  Legal guardians can also apply on behalf of young ladies.


If you feel you can benefit from MDF and also feel you can invest your time into being a lady of influence, you should apply. 

Why Motherless Daughters Foundation?

Our participants literally grow with our program.  We aim to keep young ladies involved through high school graduation. Upon graduation, we have a retention program that helps these young ladies give back and become mentors themselves. The life experiences, friendships and family bond are truly priceless. Take a look at our events page to see what we've done in the past

When Are Applications Accepted?

We hold active recruitment at the beginning of the year in the months of February and March.  However, you are welcome to submit applications year round.  Applications are reviewed, selected for interviews and inducted into our organization pending open slots.

What Are The Requirements?

We accept young ladies between 9 and 15 years of age.  You must submit a formal application, have a legal guardian sign off and also submit a written essay.  You are also expected to participate and be willing/open to grow with MDF.

Motherless Daughters Foundation proudly mentors young ladies year round with the endeavors of opening their eyes to the power of influence they have over their future and the world.

Member code of ethics and Application Form

Member Expectations

  1. All young ladies must exert discipline and treat each other all members of the Foundation with respect and kindness.

  2. Instructions from Mentors, Volunteers and Board Members should be followed at all times.

  3. No member may leave or walk away from designated areas of supervision, including such areas as the Corporate Headquarters, on-site special activities or travel events or destinations of any kind. 

  4. All Members are asked to exhibit to good behavior at all times, including within private meetings or in public.  At no time will arguing, fighting or similar types of behavior be tolerated. This type of behavior will lead to removal from the Foundation.

  5. Dress attire should be appropriate for young ladies and may be specified for specific occasions. 

  6. Members must comply when asked to turn off cell phones or electronic devices during discussions, events or activities.

  7. If at any time, a Member should have questions, concerns or wish to speak with a Mentor, they should not hesitate to come forward.  The Foundation is here for benefit of all Members.


Guardians Expectations

  1. Guardians are asked to attend at least two (2) events with the young ladies throughout the year.

  2. Guardians must require that all young ladies follow the guidelines and expectations of the foundation, or they could risk being removed from the organization.

  3. Guardians should drop off and pick-up young ladies at appropriate times and notify a member of the Foundation staff if changes arise.

  4. Guardians are asked to be mindful of the positive experience that the Foundation provides to all young ladies and support these efforts. 

  5. Guardians shall provide the required written consent to participate in activities upon request.


It is the policy of the Motherless Daughters Foundation to provide services to all persons without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability. No person shall be excluded from participation in, or be denied the benefits of, any service; or be subject to discrimination because of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability.

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